Tuesday, April 13, 2010

How I work: Last Unicorn

This is several of the steps I took when working on the Last Unicorn Image:

I started out with several thumbnails, which I worked up into roughs to present (sometimes my thumbnails are hard to read). Here is the Rough that was selected.
From there I went to the drawing stage (got approval) and went into inks.
For this image I had a few thoughts on where to go with colors, so I did several color studies before starting the final.
Here is a work in progress of the final image:And the final image:I painted it in Photoshop. I used several different types of brushes for a more textured feel and painted the line work to push some of it back in space and help facilitate the glow feeling.

This piece is available for a print at the POD Gallery.
And will be a pin up in the Last Unicorn comic from IDW (as of yet, I do not know which issue it will be in).


Nina Crittenden said...

Stunning! Beautiful work, Jennifer!

theartofpuro said...

Amazing work!

CKrantzArt said...

Beautiful work!

Thank you for sharing your creative process on this piece. Informative!

lucky kachina dancer said...

Thanks for the insight! I'd love to see some Photoshop tutorials, if you ever feel inclined.

Definitely buying one of the prints (I've been waiting patiently!). In your opinion, is the quality better on Photo Paper or the Watercolor Paper?

Anita said...

I really love to see how you work. Always so nice to get a little insight in your methods :)

Vickie said...

So nice to see some of the steps. I must admit, I'm still mystified but I appreciate the process.

Kelly Panacci said...

I love seeing "the process". Your work is so well thought-out and intricate. Just beautiful!